The Slowness of Progress

  So the LORD God appointed a plant and it grew up over Jonah to be a shade over his head and deliver him from his discomfort.  And Jonah was extremely happy about the plant.  Jonah 4:6 Good morning! Have you ever been completely frustrated?  Almost annoyed at the slowness of progress?  It doesn't matter... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward in Power

Good morning! Did anyone else take the time to reset their emotions over the weekend?  In case you missed the last couple of blogs, I have been sharing a bit about dealing with our emotions when they seem to be on a roller coaster ride. Make sure to check them out! Anyhow, I know there... Continue Reading →

Battling Our Emotions

Good morning! I wrote a couple days ago about how draining our emotions can be.  God has shown me over the course of this week that the roller coaster ride of emotions that comes is usually when life doesn't look like I want it to... Ouch. What about you?  When do your emotions seem to... Continue Reading →

Declaring Truth

Have you let the heaviness of your current circumstances weigh you down? I'm here to tell you it can happen before we know it.  And don't're not alone.  This world can be brutal and unless we chase after the truth, the lies will consume us. As I sat down at my kitchen table a... Continue Reading →

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