Finding Joy in the Little Things


Good morning!

Finding joy in the little things…When I look at the smile on this boys face as he sips full strength juice it makes my heart smile.  As I sat on my bench watching him I began to think about all the things we already have, all that Jesus has already done, to bring a smile to our faces.

It seems that most of the time we tend to focus on the things we don’t have.  We plan, we strive, we set goals, and we work hard.  All good things!  It keeps us moving forward, but it also keeps our focus on things we don’t have yet.  And if we aren’t careful we become dissatisfied with where we are.

Let’s not forget to remember all the things He has already done for us.  It is so good to stop and look and think and smile.  Smile at the gifts He has given us.


The Johnstons

Kicking Doubt to the Curb


After truly identifying where doubt comes from, the serpent, we are in a better position to combat it.  So how do we truly leave doubt behind and move forward in confidence with what God has spoken to us?

I have been pondering this quite a bit over the past few days as my husband and I have been walking through a situation that has not at all gone the way we had thought it would.  We were so confident in our decisions and just knew things would go the way we had planned.  And when they haven’t, we have been left with quite a few questions in our minds.

  • Did we move on something we thought God intended but maybe he didn’t?
  • Why didn’t this work out like we anticipated?
  • Where did we go wrong?
  • Now what?

Doubt.  All these questions allow doubt to creep into our minds and settle in our souls, if we let them.  Doubt can only have as much control in us as we allow it to.  So we are going to decide to combat it with faith.  Faith in a good God who keeps his promises.  Which is why we must combat doubt with the very Word of God.

When we begin to have questions about where God is in our situation, the best remedy is to open our bibles, spend time in the Word and spend time with the Father.  Lean in to who He is and what he says about us and speaks over our lives that is unchanging.  Cling to His promises and His truth.  When we do this, it restores our faith and it changes our focus from our situation to Him.  It brings back our confidence in Him and it will kick our doubts to the curb.


The Johnston’s

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