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My name is Jonde Holmes, born and raised on a farm in Kersey, Colorado.  I now reside with my husband (Greg Holmes) of 5 years, in Platteville, Colorado….we didn’t go very far:)  

I have always loved entertaining, always loved Christmas, a home full of people, all things warm and cozy.  I love shopping for gifts, I love wrapping gifts and seeing all the excitement this time of year!  I love the lights, the decorations and mostly reindeer…I love reindeer!  I love our tradition of spending a day, hunting for, finding and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree.  We bring it home and I make nice hot cocoa while Greg sets it up.  I love all of it!!

I am also so aware of how blessed I am.  This life is a gift, something to be a good steward of.  But how do I do that?  What can I do?  I am so small, how on earth could I possibly make a difference?

One afternoon a few years ago, my sister-in-law was visiting me, and we started talking about this very subject.  How do we set a good example…who can we help and how can we do that?  We both had the idea, lets adopt a family!  So, we set out to make some phone calls and see what the response was.  Boy is that a humbling experience.  The things I buy in bulk, (just so I don’t have to think about going to the store for 6 months) things like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo…are the things that are on these folks list of wants…WANTS!  Who on earth wants a toothbrush for Christmas??  How spoiled and blessed we really are!  

The realization that there is a city full of people that are just trying to get through each hour of the day; not sure how to feed the kids when they get home from school, how to put fuel in their vehicle to get to a job or a class, how to get back on their feet so they can someday have a place to call home really struck me.  I do these things without a thought, but that is not the case for all.  I don’t think I could do Christmas ever again without doing something to help others, my word, no way.   But how can little ol’ me, in Platteville CO, help this kiddo and this family…  “Lord use me. Send me”, I prayed.          

In true “Jonde style” I decided to go big!!  And if you know me, you know where I come from, the adopted Kramer family motto: Go big or go home!  That still stands, even though I have a new last name:) If they want a toothbrush you’ll get that, and I’ll also call a few friends to see if they would also like to contribute as well:) Why not get these families the things they need, but also a few things they want as well!! 

And if we are going to do it, why not have a party TOO!  

After the invites are sent, the party planning begins, the list from the family we have adopted is dispersed which include something you want, something you need, something you will wear and something you will read. 

And honestly, I cannot keep up…the kindness and generosity, it astounds me!  There is so much good in this world!  To tell you the truth, most of the families don’t fill the list out fully, they leave some spots empty.  WHAT?  In a selfie, disposable world, a 9-year-old wants hair gel for Christmas.  Listen kiddo, you got it, and hang on to your new shoes because there are kind, giving hearts out there that find JOY in filling your list! 

Selfishly, I get to have all the things I love, a home filled with family and friends, food running out of my ears, decorations in every corner, a late night full of laughs!  BUT the joy comes when the party ends, the house is empty, what’s left of the food put away and there it is, the pile of gifts that Greg and I will get to go through, wrap, pack up and deliver.  Oh friends, that is what Christmas is all about.  The JOY of giving!  The joy of seeing past yourself, past your own wants, seeing past all of the negative that surrounds us ALL year long.  Showing love to someone that we have never (may never) meet.  I don’t know why they have ended up where they are, I don’t know anything about them, except – they need to feel loved and wanted.  

I encourage anyone and everyone to join in, join in the ripple.  When the trials of this world steal your joy, find it again, by loving on someone else. 

Merry Christmas,


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About Me!

My name is Tana and I am a Jesus loving, coffee drinking, twin boy wrangling woman with big dreams to help women just like you live this one life we get FULL! 

Let’s be honest - life can be flat overwhelming at times, I’ve been there and lived that.  But the life that Jesus died to give us is one that is so much more.  It is my mission to help you learn to walk in the fullness of God and live your life well!


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  1. Brenda on November 30, 2019 at 8:11 PM

    Wow! That’s toughed hard on my heartstrings, and brought tears to my eyes. I want to be used in that way, or be a ripple in the water. I want to be be used by God, helping people, spreading his love and his word.

    • Tana on November 30, 2019 at 8:29 PM

      It’s an amazing story of the goodness that exists and that we can, as individuals do something to make a difference! ♥️

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