About Me!

Why "The Rustic Cup?" I have been asked.

I have filled this rustic cup with coffee every morning for the better part of seven years. It is dark in color on the outside, but soft and light on the inside. It is cracked, chipped, broken and the fact that it still holds coffee is a miracle.

Sort of like the condition of my soul at that time...cracked, chipped, and broken. I was tired, worn out, and felt surrounded by the dark circumstances of life. But every single day I filled this cup up with coffee and sat down with my bible and let God fill me back up.

My story is probably like your story, in some ways. We have all been broken, cracked, and chipped to the core by the unexpected this life brings.

But the journey that Jesus died to give us is one of freedom.

Freedom to break the chains that have enslaved us and live life full,

~ Full of joy, peace, and forgiveness

~ Full of grace, kindness, and love

~ And most of all, full of


When we begin to walk in the freedom that Jesus offers to us, we begin the journey of becoming whole. So welcome to the journey! I hope you find a little bit of yourself here and a whole lot of Jesus.

Here is to the beginning of living life full!

With Love,