Lending a Helping Hand

Rose and boys

Good morning!

There are so many ways to show acts of kindness.  I talked about gift giving a couple days ago.  Did any of you send gifts?  The boys were so excited about the gifts they had bought for each other they were up at 4:30 in the morning to open them!  LOL!  Getting gifts is wonderful, but I have to say, the joy is definitely in the giving.

Today’s act of kindness, however, doesn’t require any money.  Just your time.

Over the past weekend I was in need of some help to “get it all done”.   You know what I mean, when there is one of you and endless tasks ahead.  Chase was out of town on a hunting trip, which left me with both boys and trying to shop with each of them individually for the other one.  And when there is two of them and one of me, well, I’m outnumbered!

But my gracious mother-in-law was willing to put her Saturday plans down to help me with mine.

Sometimes all we need is someone to reach out their hand and offer to help.

How could you reach out your hand today and offer help to another?  Maybe someone needs help moving, or could use someone to watch their kiddos for a couple hours, or maybe you could grab some groceries or cook up a meal for someone who is just running behind on life.

All it takes is an open heart and a lending hand to help others around us.  Are you willing to put aside your agenda to give a lending hand?

Don’t forget to post your pics here on the blog or tag us on social media!  You can find us at The Rustic Cup on Facebook or @tanaljohnston on Instagram.  We would love to have you join the movement!


The Johnstons

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