People Want to Know They Matter

Good morning!

How are your acts of kindness going?

As some of you know, we have been doing intentional acts of kindness this month.  We want to encourage thankfulness by doing little acts of kindness for others.

And today is no different! It’s the boys birthday today and they are really excited about making the day special for each other!! (Don’t get me wrong, they are super excited about their own presents too! Lol)

They each took time to shop, pick out, buy, and then wrap the others gift.  An intentional act of kindness.

Gift giving is an act of kindness we can all take part in!  (And it doesn’t have to be for a birthday or special occasion.)  It can be a “just because” gift.

Think of someone you can give a gift to in your neighborhood, your community, your family, or maybe an acquaintance the Father has put on your heart.  Pray about it and then follow God’s lead…because he will lead you to the exact right person.

Remember, everyone likes to feel like they matter.  Giving a gift is a perfect way to remind them that they do!

Happy gift giving!!

The Johnstons

Don’t forget we would love to hear from you and see your acts of kindness!  Snap a photo and attach it to the blog!  Or tag us on social media using The Rustic Cup on Facebook and @tanaljohnston on Instagram. 


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