When the Alpha Rises from Within


Good evening!

Why is it that when we encounter other alpha personalities, we feel the need to release the alpha from the inside of us?

I was getting the oil changed in my car the other day and the woman behind the counter was all alpha.  She gave every indication through her body language, her tone, her posture, and every other fiber in her body.  You know when you can just tell?   It’s like the vibe you get when you step up to the counter and first make eye contact.

Immediately, I felt the alpha rise from within me as if to say, “don’t talk to me in that tone lady”.  But as I took a deep breath, I felt the Holy Spirit speak from within me and say, show the same kindness that I have shown you.

I smiled at her across the counter and asked how her day had been going.  She gave a little on the inside as she offered a smile back saying it had been a long one.  As we continued chatting for a few minutes, I could sense the tension leave her and she relaxed into our conversation.

Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a kind gesture, or the kindness in our tone to show someone they matter.  Instead of letting pride get in the way, let’s always choose kindness.  After all, isn’t it the kindness of Jesus that drew us to him in the first place?


The Johnstons

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