We Need to Laugh More


Happy Thankful Thursday!

As we were putting the boys to bed last night I grabbed “The Wonky Donkey” off the bookshelf along with the story of Noah’s Ark.  Qwade immediately sat up with excitement as he loves The Wonky Donkey.  “I love that book mom!!” he exclaimed as I handed them to Chase and laughed out loud at his excitement.

We need to laugh more mom” he said.

I paused…wisdom from such a small child.  He was so right.  We do need to laugh more.  We all need to laugh more.  It is good for our souls.

It can be hard not to get focused on carrying the heaviness that life can bring and become complacent in our mood and behavior.  It’s like living tired and weary for a season…and then letting those words define us and become part of us even after the season is over.  It can also be so easy to fall into routine and live in the grindstone of the everyday and just let it flat wear us down.

But we all need more joy, more laughter in our lives.  You know, the belly laugh kind!

Finding true joy and being able to laugh is linked directly to having a thankful heart.  This week I am thankful for:

  • a voice to laugh with
  • my boys, all three of them
  • wonderful time spent with the closest women in my life
  • fall and the harvest that it brings

Let’s start every day with a thankful heart and laughter in our voice.

What are you thankful for?


The Johnstons

Pause and Reflect:  What heavy things do you carry that need to be laid down at the feet of Jesus so you can laugh more?  What things or circumstances get you wore down in life and try to keep you in bondage?

Pay it Forward: What can you do to bring some joy to someone around you this week?

4 thoughts on “We Need to Laugh More

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    1. I hear ya! I think as moms we feel like we should “have it all together” or I do anyways. Then have the mom guilt when I don’t. So thankful for grace… 🙏♥️ and the opportunity to grow in this area with Jesus to look to.

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