Happy New Year’s


Happy New Year’s!

As the new year rolls over we like to take some time to reflect.  To reflect on where we have been, how we have been and then look forward to where we are heading…this journey that we are on.  Time seems to go by so fast these days.  If we don’t grab hold of it, it seems to just take us over.

Being intentional.  This is something that God has spoken over and over to my heart for our family; to be intentional with our time, our love, our desires, our gifts.  We want to do this life on purpose for a purpose.

Jesus had purpose.  He came down from heaven to dwell on this earth intentionally to love us on purpose.  Jesus did everything the Father asked him to do while he was here and nothing more.  He lived intentionally.

So here is to 2019!  To living more intentionally, more on purpose for His purpose.


The Johnston’s


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