Day 14: The Light of the World



When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life.  John 8:12


When I walk down the hallway in the morning and plug all the Christmas lights in they sparkle so perfectly in the darkness.  As the strands lay in the greenery they extend light out into the stillness of our home.  It makes me think of Him, the one who is the light of the world.  The one who came in the darkness to give us a great light.

Jesus came in the form of a tiny baby, but his purpose was to be the biggest light of the world.  He walked perfectly and blamelessly to show us how to walk in this world and shine as his light.  Are we letting the light of Jesus shine in and through us to those who we come in contact with everyday?

Being a light is to show love and extend grace.  As people we are often going to fall short in our attempt to be like Jesus everyday and shine his light in every situation, but we must be willing to open our hearts and allow the Ultimate Light to shine through.  Lets be willing to let the Father use us to bring hope to someone in need, to shine a light on their situation, to show people that they matter and they have value.

There is no better time than Christmas to show the light of the world to others.


The Johnston’s


2 thoughts on “Day 14: The Light of the World

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  1. Amen! Sometimes I question the wattage of my light that I put out! I try to put out a 120 watts but sometimes I feel like 40 watts. A little light is better than no light, I just need a little more Jesus time to brighten my light!

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