Day 1: The Good and Perfect Gift


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like the shifting shadows.  James 1:17


It is officially Christmas season and the buzz is in the air.  As we rush from store to store to find gifts and stockings for all of our loved ones, our hearts search for the one perfect gift.

As I walked into Hobby Lobby two little hands in my hands this week I was thinking about what the new color scheme would look like this year.  What is the trend?  It seems every year there is more; more decorations, more colors, more toys, more electronics, more, more, more.  But more stuff doesn’t fill up our hearts and something inside of me yearns to tell those little boys in my hands that there is SO MUCH MORE.  More to the perfect gift than what our eyes can see.

There is a good and perfect gift that came down from above, the gift that gives us hope.  It is:

  • A gift that is constant in an ever-changing world
  • A gift that is steadfast when life seem sporadic
  • A gift that doesn’t fade away, grow old or wear out

The most amazing part of the gift is that it doesn’t matter what walk of life we come from we can ALL receive Him, who is the good and perfect gift.


The Johnston’s


5 thoughts on “Day 1: The Good and Perfect Gift

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  1. Your are doing an amazing job teaching those two little boys about what’s truly the GREATEST gift! Thanks for sharing with the world what God has laid on your heart! Praying for hearts to receive the GREATEST gift, it’s perfect!

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  2. Love this! It’s so easy to get caught up in the “stuff”. How do I get it across to my boys that it’s not the “stuff” they see that is so important when that’s what they see and understand because it’s tangible?

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    1. It is so easy to get caught up in the stuff! I even have to catch myself 🙂 Navigating parenting this season is hard…Chase and I have just taken on the position of letting them be exposed to it all and then having great conversations at home about why we celebrate the way we do and that love and kindness towards others is always the greatest gift. We definitely don’t have it all figured out!!


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