Giving Thanks…Popping Our Outer Layer


It occurred to me while standing in my kitchen this morning, smells of Thanksgiving in the air, that when we open our hearts and praise God for who he is something inside of us breaks open.  When we worship…when we give thanks, we break wide open.

As I poured the cranberries into the pot, orange juice and maple syrup dancing all around them, I listened to them pop and it was like my soul was popping wide open.  When we give thanks it breaks us open to allow for more of Him.

And just as the skins on the cranberries pop to absorb the yummy juices that surround them, when we give thanks our outer layer begins to pop and we begin to absorb the love of our Savior…We can look past the hurt, past the pain, past the bitterness and let Jesus fill us up with warmth that only he can give.

Just like my cranberry sauce, he takes the broken things and makes them beautiful.

Blessings this Thanksgiving,



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