Grateful or Grumbles?


Some days it is easier to grumble than it is to be grateful…it seems that there is always something to grumble about.  Sick kids, not enough sleep, too much work, not enough work, grocery store rush, out of coffee again, crazy traffic, relationship trouble, and so on.

But grumbling is a direct reflection of where our perspective is… am I focusing on me and only seeing the things in which I have chosen to see?   Or am I choosing to stare into the eyes of my Savior and be grateful for what he has provided so generously?  It is a choice.  And sometimes, this girl could choose more wisely.

In a very familiar story out of Matthew 14 Jesus had experienced an extremely busy day.  He had been healing the sick and tending to the needs of many and evening had come.  The disciples were anxious because it was getting late and they had no food to feed the crowd.  They wanted Jesus to send them away so they could go to nearby villages and find their own food.  But Jesus replied, “They don’t need to go away.  You give them something to eat.” (verse 16)  And they answered him puzzled, “but we only have five loaves and two fish”.  So Jesus said to bring them to him and he directed all the people to sit down on the grass.

Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks, and broke the loaves.  Then he gave them to the disciples, and they gave them to the people.  They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.  (verses 19 and 20)

Perhaps Jesus wanted the disciples to see that even when we start with a little, just something small and we are grateful for it, He can multiple it forevermore.  That maybe instead of grumbling and being dissatisfied with what we have, we should be grateful, even if it is as small as five loaves and two fish.

Jesus gave thanks first.  While the disciples had already decided it wasn’t enough, Jesus believed the Father for more.  He trusted him for more.  He knew he would provide. Perhaps Jesus left them each a basketful that day to remind them that nothing is impossible with God.  (Matthew 19:26)

Lets choose to be grateful with what we have and trust God to give us exactly what we need.




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