The Small Things


The boys and I have been working on our grateful tree this week.  It is so fun to listen to them rattle off all the things that they are thankful for…and it reminds me that sometimes I overlook being thankful for the small things.

This world is complex and the pace at which we move seems to get faster and faster all the time.  But I have learned that when I slow down, take the time to pause, I tend to notice those small things…

  • The beautiful artwork in the frost that dances across our pipe fence out the kitchen window
  • Every single color in the sunrise
  • For the pause in a much-needed hug from a friend
  • To receive a husband’s smile on his way out the door
  • For the light as it dances off the blooms of my Christmas cactus

When we slow down to notice, Jesus takes our breath away.

When we slow down to see the beauty that he places all around us, a piece of our soul gets filled up.

Take a few moments today to breath in the fresh fall air and notice the small things…Jesus wants to use them to bless you.



2 thoughts on “The Small Things

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  1. Morning! I just want you to know that when I open my emails and I see the Rustic Cup there, it gives my heart A lift! It always brings joy to my day! To read what you have for us, it’s always SO inspiring. Thanks Tana

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