New Beginnings

With Easter come and gone and most of the “buzz” moving back to the everyday, I find myself still there.  Still pondering the events that took place all those years ago in Jerusalem and what they mean.  What do they mean for me?  For you?  I have heard lots of talk on the radio this week about having “new hope” or “new beginnings”.  What does “new hope or new beginnings” look like when we look around us and are still stuck in the middle of the everyday?  Still stuck in that illness?  Still stuck in debt?  Still stuck in the same old job that makes us miserable?  Still stuck in that relationship that doesn’t seem to ever get any better?

I’m definitely feeling it today…. a long week of illness toppled with allergies left this mamma at the urgent care this morning with one boy who has a tight chest, hard time getting any air, and coughing that seems to never stop.  I have seen these symptoms before and I am too familiar with where they point to.  We have spent many nights in those hospital rooms for these exact things.  Where is this “new beginning” now?

I believe it is on the cross… nailed to it to be exact.  I only need to lift my head up to see it.  When we walk around with our heads down, tired and worn, exhausted from the circumstances that surround us, we need only to look up to find our new hope, our new beginning.  Jesus is our new beginning….He is our hope.

We no longer have to live in defeat, terrified of what is to come.  Scared of that doctors report, terrified to quit that job and find a new one, hardened by that relationship.  We no longer have to be conquered by our circumstances.  Jesus came and He died on that cross so that we could be made new.  So that we could have new beginnings in Him.

The one thing I know for sure – I am absolutely amazed by the goodness of the Father.  Ultimately, He sent His son to die on the cross so that I could have a new beginning.  One that includes Him… one that is in Him.  So I can face each day with the assurance of His love and His guidance and His grace.  I think that’s a pretty amazing new beginning to have.  Even on days like today, on days of struggle.



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