The Perfect One

What a week!  As Easter approaches tomorrow to say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for our Savior is an understatement.  I have found myself staring in awe of all of the miraculous events that took place in Jerusalem all those years ago…

As I sat the past few mornings on my pew out front reading through the stories recorded and the details of Jesus’s last week in Jerusalem something really stuck out to me.  Well lots actually, but we don’t have enough time for all of them!  But the place where I got hung up… the place where my heart ached was at the stone.  The stone that was ordered to be rolled in front of the open tomb where Jesus’s body had been laid after the crucifixion.  A HUGE stone.  A barrier.  A separation between Him and us.

It says in Matthew 27:50-51 And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.  At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.  

I love how it says “at that moment”.  Exactly.  Not the next hour, or the next day, but that very moment the curtain that had secluded the Most Holy Place where God had dwelt in the temple was now exposed!  As Jesus breathed his last breath and died on that cross He provided the blood for the ultimate sacrifice.  No longer did man have to provide his own blood sacrifice, but Jesus’s blood became the covering sacrifice for all.  That day the separation between God and man vanished.  Jesus died that day to give us complete access to our Father…complete relationship with Him.

What barriers do we have that separate us from Him today?  Fear, doubt, anxiety, anger, addiction, guilt, abuse, failure, insecurity?  The dark places we think are too much, too heavy, too deep…. What stones do we carry that keep us separated from Him?  Three women who had followed Jesus to the tomb felt this separation as they stared at the stone.  Too heavy for them to roll away.  But what they were soon to discover…that no stone was too big!  No stone was too heavy!  No stone could ever separate them from the LOVE of their Savior, their Jesus!  

Beloved, there is NOTHING too big for our God.  There is NOTHING that can separate us from Him now… He took our sin as He hung on the cross and He conquered death for you and for me.  Don’t wait another day, don’t think for another moment that you aren’t good enough, or your past is just too much or too bad.  Don’t run from Him…RUN to Him, the only Perfect One.   No past, present, or future event in your life is a surprise to Him.  He LOVES you anyways. 



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