The Reckless Journey of Faith

Reckless.  Have you ever felt reckless?  Been completely out of control, thoughtless in your actions and just plain impulsive?

A time that comes to mind for me was the first time (and only time) I went skiing.  I was 17 years old and went on a trip with an organization from my high school.  I remember thinking how much fun it was going to be!  I had never done anything like this before!  As I rode that ski lift to the top of that green mountain slope I felt like I was on top of the world…. it was so big, so beautiful.  The crisp air in my lungs.  I was too busy admiring the scenery that I didn’t realize my time to get off the lift had come…and gone.  I heard my classmate who had been riding the lift with me yell suddenly, Tana!! Get off!!  When I realized that I had been day dreaming and not paying attention I panicked and just jumped!  Being my first time and all I thought, “oh, it will be fine.”  Well, by the time I jumped off the lift I had my skis pointed downward and off I zoomed down the hill.  (Now, I probably wasn’t going that fast, but it felt like I was flying!)  As I took off down that green mountain slope I remember feeling reckless.  Completely free and just flying.  Cold breeze in my face, taking my breath away.  Being out of control had never felt so good!!  I was flying down that snow thinking I could conquer the world and nothing could stop me or hold me back.

In my nice, controlled and scheduled life sometimes I forget what it feels like to be reckless… to feel absolutely free, like I am flying.  The feeling I had that day heading down that mountain slope; no idea what I was doing or where in the world I would end up.  But somehow it was freeing!  Isn’t that what our faith journey should feel like…. like we are flying, free to where we are going?

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1 

  • By faith, Abraham went to the foreign land where God called him to, even though he did not know where he was going
  • By faith, Moses led the Israelite people out of Egypt, a land of slavery, on dry ground through the Red Sea
  • By faith, Joshua and the people marched around the walls of Jericho for  seven days and the walls fell
  • By faith, Ruth followed Naomi back to her homeland not knowing she had a Boaz in her future
  • By faith, Ester approached the king to speak on behave of her people the Jews
  • By faith, David pulled back a rock in a sling to slay a giant

None of these men or women had a perfect journey.  They didn’t follow some 20 step plan to a faith-filled life.  They simply lived everyday in obedience to God.

We get so caught up in the future, in where we are going, the destination, our purpose.  In “doing” so much.  These men and women we read about in the bible didn’t even know where they were going, or what God was about to do through them… they just followed him in obedience.

Simply live everyday in obedience to God…and enjoy the reckless journey of faith-filled days.



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