Progressing In Him Brings Change

Good afternoon!

The last couple of blog posts I have been talking about new goals to go with the new year and about starting with a plan to reach those goals. While working out part of my plan this week I have been thinking about and sorting out questions such as, “What choices do I need to make to get to where God has called me to be?  How will they affect my relationships?  My priorities?  My time?”  I strongly believe that the choices we make today affect our tomorrows.  And the choices we make, the plans that we are starting, will bring change.  There is that loaded word – change.  Are we ready for change?  Are we willing to change?  What does change look like?  How are these changes going to affect those around me?

Change always brings pressure, and to be honest a bit of fear and definitely some doubt.  We are content in our old habits, our old routines.  Familiarity is  comfortable.  If we are going to be real honest, it is always easier to stay the same than it is to change, to progress.  Even though it brings in some fear, the thought of staying the same….well that is terrifying!  I definitely do not want to get 10 years down the road and have the same routine, the same finances, the same old habits, and to have not progressed.

Change also brings opportunity.  Opportunity to put actions behind our thoughts.  It is an opportunity to strengthen our faith, to stretch us as we walk.  An opportunity to believe God for something bigger and to see Him work in the supernatural.  It’s an opportunity to see a miracle.  To believe that God can multiply what we have if we will just release it to Him.  Change also brings growth.  Growth brings a fresh sense of who we are in Christ and what we are capable of through Him.  ~With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26  The transformation that will take place in us, in our hearts, gets us one step closer to our purpose and one step toward advancing His Kingdom.  Transformation in us that will touch others, influence others, love others.

~See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.        Isaiah 43:19  


Change is hard and it can feel like being lost in the wilderness.  Let God pave your way… ask Him and seek Him to guide you in the midst of change, of new goals, of new dreams.  Lets dare to follow His path one step at a time, embrace change and continue to progress.




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