Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

When a season ends and a new one begins it is always a time of reflection… where we have been, what we have done, accomplished, missed the mark on, and want to do better at this time.  The start of a new year is no different.  Many people make “New Year’s Resolutions” and strive to be better, do better, be more, follow through this time.  I personally have never set these “resolutions” to chase after.  I’ve always thought it was pointless to say all these things I’m going to do and then get side tracked and end up not following through.  However, I’ve had some reflection on this the past few days as everyone has been talking about it.  What if we said out loud what we intend to do, and then actually did it?  What if?  What if we reached for those goals?  What if we dared to climb the mountain we deem impossible?  Start that new business?  Step out in faith and believe in the good?

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I’ve thought about this in different areas of my life.  For example, I’ve said internally to myself for months that I am going to help the one day every month that our church hands out food to the less fortunate.  I always think it.  “I’m going to do that this time”.  Do you know how many times I have actually been there to help out?  Once. One time.  Why?  For me, speaking something out loud gives it accountability… and sometimes I don’t want that.  What about you?  We don’t want to fail, or feel like we aren’t enough when we can’t make it, or that we don’t measure up.  But what if I did speak this out loud…. and I scheduled it on the second Monday of every month in my calendar book?  Then I actually showed up every month! Accountability.  I don’t want to be afraid of accountability.  Somewhere in the midst of becoming a mom four years ago to two beautiful, but not super healthy boys I have developed the ability to say “no” real easy and not commit myself to anything long-term.  I didn’t even know what long term looked like in our lives at the time.  But they are getting bigger and stronger and we are able to depend on their health more and more.  And its time to start committing myself to the work that God has set aside for me.  And this year I intend to do it.

This year is full of endless opportunities…. opportunities every single day.  I want to be a “doer” and not just a “thinker”.  I want to put action behind my thoughts and walk out this journey that God has called me on.  Most people who know me personally know that I am passionately intense.  And that gets me into trouble sometimes, but for the most part I think its good.  It’s good to dream big.  Its good to strive.  Its good to be determined.  Its good to be focused.  And it is good to give all of those things to God and seek Him and His direction for where we are going.  Because at the end of the day, the season, this year, the most important thing is that I have grown closer to Him.



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