Distractions – Where has my mind gone?

Good evening!

I am completely distracted.  I sat in my bible study lecture this morning completely not listening and distracted with seasonal thoughts swirling in my head.  My mind is completely somewhere else…table decorations, food menu, cooking days, when to do the final cleaning, and so on.  My hubby and I host Thanksgiving and we love it!  We love hosting and love people to come into our home bringing with them love and laughter and old family stories.  But my mind keeps running through my days…when am I going to get groceries?  How can I decorate the tables without the boys constantly re-arranging them or using the decorations as their tractor props.

Anyone else distracted by the upcoming holidays?  This time of the year seems to be full of distractions everywhere we turn.  For some people this time of the year is full of all the hustle and bustle to make the holidays absolutely perfect.  The shopping, the baking, the decorations, the seating arrangements, the lights, etc.  We can get completely consumed by the season and forget what is truly important.  In all the hurry, in all the perfect planning, have we considered what the true reasons are that we celebrate?

For others, the holiday season is hard, painful.  Distracted by past hurts or pain that take away from the holiday cheer?  It’s like you can feel the emotional separation happening on the inside.  Throwing yourself into work, or a vacation to get away perhaps, or just trying to slip through the crowds almost unnoticed, trying to just get through.  Get through the days until the new year comes and the holiday cheer is over.

Either way, distractions happen and before we know it our mind is somewhere else, focusing on things other than what is truly important.  What is truly important?  When I think about this question, I know what I think is important, but what does my heart truly say is important?  My actions, my attitude, what comes out of me shows what is truly important in my heart.  Do I show my family that they are important?  Or am I too busy making endless lists of groceries.  Has decorating been fun with the help of crazy boys stringing lights everywhere or am I all stressed out because they messed up the tablecloths and left smudge marks on the glasses?  What is truly important…

Have I taken the time to really thank the Father for all that we have been given?  The Feast of Tabernacles is a celebration we read about in the Bible when God’s people remember the many wonderful things He did for them after they left Egypt.  He loved them so much He saved them, parted the sea for them, sent the cloud of protection and safely escorted them.  Thanksgiving for us is much the same.  It is a time to reflect on all the blessings and to thank Him for all He has given.  How has He saved you? Protected you?  Escorted you through the hard times and the pain of this life?  Can we let His love, His grace, His mercy, His kindness be bigger than the pain or hurt in us?

Take time with the Father and He will send his peace over you for this upcoming holiday season.  Let His love overwhelm you.



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  1. This is ah-mazing and so incredibly important to remember during this hectic season. Thanks for the reminder to slow down, spend time with Him, let my actions reflect Him, and praise Him.

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