Crunchy bacon and pancakes


This morning when I asked my almost 4-year olds what they were hungry for the immediate responses were “crunchy bacon mom!!!” and “pancakes!!”.

Brown Sugar Pancakes with Bacon Butter | Grandbaby Cakes

Oh these boys… developing so much character and their individuality is really starting to stand out.  One sees the world completely black and white while the other is totally gray.  LOL  Our conversation about breakfast this morning got me thinking about what I am really hungry for.  What does my soul thirst for?  When I am empty, and running low what do I crave?  Love?  Security?  Perfection?  Money? Or maybe materialistic things such as cloths, jewelry, a vacation, or a new pair of shoes.  We all desire something; something more than what we have at times in different seasons of life.  As a mom sometimes I desire a break!  Time.  ALONE time.  Especially since the boys have given up nap. Anyone else there sometimes?

For me it happens most when I get tired and wore down.  The devil begins to work on my mind about what I don’t have.  And then I begin to hunger for those so-called missing things in my life.  And I begin to make what I don’t have bigger.  I think about it until it magnifies in my mind.  And then usually I begin to “supplement”.  I buy a new pair of shoes or pick up some yummy bath salts. (Who has time for a bath anyways?) Or maybe I buy a new book or a new outfit.  “Things” that I think will make me feel better or supplement my tired and worn out heart.  In the old testament (1 Kings 18) the nations surrounding Israel depended on false gods to send them rain and good crops.  They were trying to “supplement” during their time of drought.  They prayed to Baal and worshiped him hoping he would bring rain.  But he didn’t.  In Zechariah 10:1 it says ‘Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who sends the thunderstorms.  He gives showers or rain to all people, and plants of the field to everyone.’  When I look to supplement my tired and worn out heart with anything other than the Father and his Word I will be like people of Israel, filling my life with hopeless idols.  Only God can fill the true hunger in my soul, in my heart.  Am I pressing into Him when I am tired and worn?  Or am I filling myself with “supplements” that will eventually waste away?  Am I focused on what I lack in life or am I focused on Him?  Have I made the things that I don’t have bigger than I make my God?

Today lets press into the Father and praise Him for what he has graciously blessed us with and also what he has withheld.   Can we stretch to believe that He is good and He does good even when we don’ feel the good?  He will strengthen us for this journey… only He can fill our hunger.

Blessing over you today,




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