One of “those” days

Anyone else had one of “those” days?  One of those mamma days?  Or maybe one of those days at work?  Or maybe a fight with your spouse?  Or maybe didn’t get a good report from the doctor day? Anyone else had a hard day?

I’ve had one of those mamma days… One of those days that make you want to pull your hair out.  A hard momma day.  But….We also made slime today for craft and the boys played outside with their excavators scooping leaves and piling them up then dumping them out and starting over again.  I’ve got some amazing pictures from today….

And how fast are we as moms or wives or sisters to post our perfect pictures from today on social media?  Yet, our day hasn’t really reflected the joy that the pictures capture.  Our day hasn’t really reflected these pictures at all… Right after these pictures I yelled at the boys for whining and then for arguing.  And then to top it off Qwade spilled his vitamins all over the floor after I had told him to sit down and drink them and my momma radar hit the top.  After sitting them down and telling them their behavior was unexceptable, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me that so was mine. Ouch.

Some days are a struggle.  The struggle is real.  And mommin’ aint always easy.  And being an employee that does all the work and receives little credit isn’t always easy.  And being the wife to an angry husband isn’t easy.  And hearing that report from the doctor sure wasn’t easy.  And sometimes to escape it all-the world, the circumstances, the fury, the disappointment, we click on our Facebook or Instagram or Twitter account and just start scrolling through.  However, what we see is everyone else’s “picture perfect” day.  It is so hard to look at all the picture perfect days when we feel like ours are falling apart.  (There is nothing wrong with posting good pictures!!) And you know what?  Its OK.  It is all going to be OK.  Take a breath. Take a moment to stop and think of a handful of things that you are grateful for.  Write them down, even if it is on the kid’s peanut butter napkin from lunch.

  1. A am grateful for the sunshine today
  2. I am grateful for the colors of fall
  3. I am grateful for the freedom we have
  4. I am grateful for my family
  5. I am grateful for a God who loves me unconditionally
  6. I am grateful that Jesus brings new mercies every morning
  7. I am grateful that Jesus is my light, even when I feel darkness close
  8. I am grateful for “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you”
  9. I am grateful for little boy bear hugs
  10. I am grateful that God still has a purpose and that I am still living this life

It only takes a moment to stop what we are doing and to praise Him right where we are.  For he alone is worthy of our praise.  (Psalm 100:4)  Thank Him for who he is.  When we praise Him we gain a fresh perspective and he brings a peace into our souls.  It is a peace that can save the rest of the day from downfall.

Lift your eyes to Jesus.  Take shelter in him.  He loves you.



4 thoughts on “One of “those” days

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  1. Sooo true. Some days more than others we have to ask for help from the Holy Spirit. Prayer is power and our God is good. 🙏🙏❤️


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