The Journey


My name is Tana and it has been on my heart to start a blog for quite some time.  And then what happened?  LIFE!  So here we go!

To give you a little bit of background, I am a small town farm girl from southern Colorado.  I was raised by amazing parents who taught me to strive for excellence.  To never settle for mediocre, but to strive to do the best I could and never quit or accept defeat.  I learned how to work hard from my dad and how to love from my mom.  And I learned the support of a sister… the kind of support words cannot express.

I am married now to an amazing husband and we are truly blessed with beautiful, energetic three-year old twin boys.  Yes, my house is full of boys, full of energy and life!  There truly is never a dull moment.

So, why a blog you might ask.  It is my passion to share life with others, especially women, in support, encouragement, and love.  We have all been there… lost, defeated, broken.  In my past I navigated these broken places in my life mostly alone, afraid to let anyone see my defeat.  All hiding does is keep us in bondage, chained to our sin, our past, our broken, our mess.  It is time to get free!!  Free from bondage.  Free from sin.  Free from our past and press on for those things which Christ Jesus has died to give us!  Lets all get together and let Him love on us and become more than conquerors!



3 thoughts on “The Journey

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  1. Thanks Tana for starting this. It will be nice to hear from other women who have gone through things that I am currently going through. I look forward to the many responses.
    God Bless



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